Mopping or Scrubbing for Wood Flooring

Having hardwood as your floor is having its own ups and downs and the downs are probably regarding the cleaning methods. There are several cleaning methods for flooring because the flooring materials determine the cleaning method. For example, the hardwood flooring should not be brushed with metal-based brush as it can chip up the wood. So, what is the appropriate cleaning method for hardwood flooring?
The cleaning methods for hardwood flooring are depending on what kind of stain that on the floor. Different stain requires different cleaning method and since brushing is not allowed, then the most possible methods are mopping, scrubbing, and wiping. The online wood flooring options mentioned that if you wish to scrub the hardwood due to dry stains and sticky stains, then scrubbing with soft sponge is recommended although it would be great if you put a drop of hardwood cleaning solution on the stains to let it soften.
Mopping and wiping is considered the same although mopping is used because it requires mopping stick. As for the wiping, it is usually done by using tissue to handle small stains such as ketchup droppings, and perhaps with wet cloth to clean liquid stains like the juice or milk spill.